Rubicon V.S.U.

Tenby 1986

Robin and Jo, Heather and Clive, Pat and Edna, Me, Mark Wellings, Duff, Richie Harris, Quincy, Andy Bailey, Anna Whitehead, Sally Knifton, Helen Coleman ?

Wednesday 27th August - Heather and Clive come round at 9.25am. Take the canoes round to the scout hut and pack the van. Go to Heather's dad to pick up the life jackets. The three of us set off at 10.50am. Arrive at about 5pm. Me and Clive put up the tents. Pat and Edna arrive about 7.30pm, they got lost somewhere. Walk down to the Cross Inn, the same barman is there as last time. Heather has a bad cold. Me and Clive have egg banjos when we get back. Nibe and the ventures arrive just after midnight. Heavy rain as we go to bed.

Thursday 28th - Put up the two brown tents and the rest of the stuff. Go down to the beach to go swimming. We sit by the beach, too cold for swimming. Go into Saundersfoot. All the ventures play in the arcade. I cook the tea with Clive, Edna and Mark Wellings.

Friday 29th - Go sea fishing for mackerel. After 7 people fishing for an hour, Richie catches one. Very cold on the boat. Cook Richie's fish when we get back.

Saturday 30th - Go down to Saundersfoot for the evening. The lads all get dressed up and go round town.

Sunday 31st - Wake up to a bright sunny day. Breakfast is finished by 11am. Drive down to Broad Haven beach. Me and Richie go out in the canoes. Paddle round the big stone and go into some of the caves along the coast. Quincy and Andy Bailey go out in the inflatable dingy. Others swim in the sea and some sun-bathing. The sea is very calm.

Monday 1st September - Wake up to heavy rain. The leaders cook breakfast and the ventures eat it in bed. Drive down to Tenby and go to the swimming pool. The older ones go for lunch, talk about skiing. Play cricket when we get back. The usual three card brag game starts up late on. Me, Anna and Sally play as a team and do very well.

Tuesday 2nd - We drive to Tenby again. Clive drives Pat's Golf back to Saundersfoot. The rest of us walk along the coast and back to camp. Good views, catch glimpses of Cornwall, play in some rock pools. Edna and I almost get cut off by the sea and have to climb over some rocks to escape. Edna, Pat, Sally and Anna go sea fishing again, they each catch one mackerel. Have a Wibbly Wobbly race in the afternoon. Corn beef hash for tea. Have a good fire outside. Gut the fish with Anna and cook on the fire.

Wednesday 3rd - Get up late due to over sleeping, about 9.15. Pack up the camp in reasonable dry weather. Nibe does the death cut, Quincy and Duff do ours, Sally and Jo do the ladies. Get away by noon, home for 6pm.

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