Rubicon V.S.U.

Tenby 1983

Camp at Cold Inn farm, Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire. John Blount, Nibe, Me, Ac, Ian V, Min, Dave, Heather, Louise, Sally, Edna and Pat.

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Saturday 10th - Get the van at 9am, pack and leave by 11am. Arrive at 5pm and set up the tents.

Sunday 11th - Stay at camp, play football and cricket.

Monday 12th - Walk along the Pembrokeshire coastal path.

Tuesday 13th - Stay on camp.

Wednesday 14th - Sunshine, drive to Swansea Mumbles, then on to Cardiff. Go to See 'Rainbow' at St David's Hall.

Thursday 15th - Rains a lot, go to the Fountain Head pub, play a lot of pool. Go to the 'Night Owl' club later.

Friday 16th - Sunshine, go down to Broad Haven. go swimming and surfing. Pack up gear and leave camp at 7.15pm. Minibus gets back at 12.45am. AC breaks down in the van at Ross. Wait at Nibe's house till 3.30am for the van to arrive and unpack it.

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