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Rosedale Abbey 1989

16th August to 23rd August 1989

Robin Sibson, Heather and Clive, Edna Blount, Pat Hallam, Me, Anna Whitehead, Andrea Bailey, Adrian Seal, John Widdop, James Widdop, Robert Benson Flickr Slide Show

Wednesday 16th - Set off at 10am, after a long wait for the Widdops. Heather and Clive go in their car. Me, Nibe, Adjy & Andrea, Anna, Bense, John and James Widdop all go in the bus. A lot of delay on the A1. John buys a bottle of Cinzano. Go to the Milburn Arms, about 1.8 mile walk. Have three pints of Old Peculiar.

Thursday 17th - Go for morning jog with Nibe and Bense. After breakfast everyone but John goes for a walk, follow the railway past mine workings round Rosedale Head.

Friday 18th - Go to Pickering and on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Enjoy the stream trains. Have a meal in Grosmont and then go back. Edna and Pat have come up for the weekend.

Saturday 19th - Go to the Annual Rosedale show, good traditional Yorkshire show, good craft section, lots of large animals. Go for a round a golf later, a very hilly course, get back late. Anna gets her A level results.

Sunday 20th - Go to Whitby for the day, I go round with Heather and Clive and Nibe. Have a fish and chip meal. Stay in, James Widdop plays his guitar very well, we all sing, rather out of tune.

Monday 21st - Not get up till noon, then go swimming in Pickering, very nice. Have a meal on the way back. Have a nice Spaghetti Bolognese for tea. Stay in with Heather and Nibe. Read “History of Rosedale”, very quiet night. Find a field mouse under my bed.

Tuesday 22nd - A very lazy day. Spend a lot of time making another woggle. Go for another game of golf with Nibe, Anna, Bense and Clive, lose and find more balls. Me, James and Bense cook corn beef hash on the fire. Get some huge logs and have a huge fire. Everyone goes out to the Milburn Arms.

Wednesday 23rd - Get up at 8:30am, very warm, pack up the tents, burn all the rubbish, pack the roof rack. Drive back via Sutton Bank, Thirsk, A1, M18, M1. Back for 3:30pm. Unpack and take the van back.

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