Rubicon V.S.U.

Coniston 1991

June 22nd to June 29th 1991

Me, PK, Tats, Anna, Jo, Edna and Pat

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Saturday 22nd June - We arrive at the Scout Hut for 10:30am. Pete packs the van and trailer. We go and get Jo from Railway Station. Leave at Midday, Salt Box, very heavy rain. Tats and Pete in the van. Arrive at Yew Tree farm and the site is dry and sunny. Put up the tents, I do the fire. Cook tea on the fire. We all go down into Coniston in my car, I drive all week, go to the Crown Hotel. Pete and Adjy have Purple Hazes.

Sunday - Cook breakfast on the fire. Walk round the lake in the afternoon, Pat and Edna talk about me being the leader. Go into Coniston, Black Bull, Pete is the co-driver on the way back.

Monday - Drive into Ambleside in Pete's van. Walk all the way to the Info Centre at the Waterside. Walk back and me and Pete go for a haircut. I was expecting it to be really good, but it is very rough on top. Ice cream. Drive back into Ambleside at night, go to the Unicorn Hotel. The beer is not as good as it used to be, roads wet, drive back fast. Sleep out overnight with Pete. Look at the stars, see a satellite, full moon.

Tuesday - Get up at the usual time, about 10am. Me, Pete and Tats go for a jog around the Tarn. Very hard running up to the Tarn. More easy going round. Plunge my head under the shower on the way down. Drive to Kendal Leisure Centre, shut. Drive back to the Beechhill Hotel, private pool and sauna. The ladies find us there. Get back and Quince is there. Drive into Coniston with Quince in the back. Go into the Black Bull, Quince leads the way in various games. Me and Tats skin Quince at three card brag later.

Wednesday - Long argument about where to go for the day. Nearly go to Sellafield or water-skiing. Eventually decide to go on the Lakeside and Haverthwaite railway. Drive to Haverthwaite, Pete runs into the back of me in Coniston. Railway is about 3 miles. Get to Lakeside, nothing but a Pub, Lakeside Hotel, stay in for a couple of hours, I get restless. Back to the campsite, small tea, go down the Black Bull again. A bit quieter this time.

Thursday - Sunbathe in the morning. Walk up to the lake and go for a swim, get very cold. Quince goes at lunchtime. Play cards in the afternoon, first poker and then three card brag. Anna and Tats lose about £10. I lose about £7 in the afternoon, get it back after tea. Edna plays well for a while. Drive into Ambleside, go to the Sportsman, young people, then the Old Oak. Take some Newkie Brown back. Adjy is shaved by Anna and Jo late at night. Sing songs round the fire till 2:30am.

Friday - Jo is a bit hungover. They all go shopping in Ambleside for the afternoon. Pat and Edna go into Coniston. I walk up Holme Fell, good view of Coniston Lake. Pat and Edna are very sad to leave. We all go to the Sun Inn, a bit posh. The Castle Eden goes down very well, drive back late, just talk around the fire, goes rather deep.

Saturday - Get up at about 10am, packed and ready to leave by 2pm. Take the Newcastle Brown bottles into Coniston. Stop on the Motorway. Pete follows me all the way, up to 90 mph. Take Jo back to the railway station.

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