Henry Cavendish School.

I was at Henry Cavendish school, Derby from 1976 to 1980.

Click here to see the 1980 Henry Cavendish sixth form photo.

Back row left to right Steven Jones, Me, Paul Pacey, Colin Bullock, Jonathan Oulsnam, Simon Bullivant, Tommy Reader,
Back row left to right Chris Knight, Steven Vallely, Colin Mellor, Michael Brodie, William Baylis, Grant Read, Ian Toplis
Back row left to right Vanessa Hobday, Hazel Castledine, Loraine Stewart, Gina Toplis, Isobell Ray, Julie Inger, Susan Partridge.

Darwin School.

I was at Darwin school, Derby from 1973 to 1976.

Click here to see the Darwin 1975 Prize giving photo.

Back row left to right Barbara Lighboun, Julie Licence, Steven Jones, Chris Hargreaves, Jill Sharp, Isobell Ray, Start Wood, Lee Parry, ?, Wendy Bratby
Middle row left to right Jill Cordingly, Susan Partridge, Mary Hall, Chris Chapman, Jeff Johnson, Neil Shuttleworth, Susan Butler, Paul Passey, Shaun Theaka
Front row Simon Bullivant, Tim Dawson, Andrea Smith, Gina Toplis, Barry Hunt, Glyn Horsnall, Lyn Herd

Little Eaton School.

I was at Little Eaton School from 1967 to 1973.

Click here to see Mrs Elks class on a trip to Dovedale in 1972.

A school reunion was held on the 6th of July 2002 at the Bridge Inn Duffield. It was attended by Mark Quartermain, Martin Walkerdine, Andrew McKay, Mark Arthur, Paul Marshall, David Haywood, Susan Butler, Dorian Brindley, Mary Hall and David Siviter, Sally Burns, Elizabeth Foggerty, Fiona Tate, Ruth Annakin, Claire Barlow, Lesley Coussins and Kim Blount.

Dorian, Kim, Sally and Mary

Andrew, Susan and Martin

Mary, Mark, Ruth, Andrew and Martin

Sally, Fiona, Ruth and Paul

Elizabeth, Lesley and Mark

Paul, Me, David and Susan

Ruth, Andrew and Martin

Lesley, Mark and Andrew

These pictures are courtesy of Lesley Rose (nee Coussins).

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