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Scotland 84

Scotland trip June 1984 with Dave Elks and Dave Shepard.

Wednesday 27th June - Pack stuff in the morning, hitch-hike up to Leeds, then train to Bradford. Meet Dave Shepard and Dave Elks. Go to Raffles, trendy pub.

Thursday 28th - Get train to Fort William, change at Leeds, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow. Leave Bradford at 9:50am, arrive in Fort William at 8:45pm, 4-hour journey from Glasgow to Fort William. Stay at Glen Nevis youth hostel, good weather. See the train crash debris at Morpeth.

Friday 29th - Go up Ben Nevis, three peaks camping at the top, down into the waters of Nevis, camp the night, carry full packs of 30 to 40 lbs, argument about grey corrie ridge.

Saturday 30th - Flat river walk from waters of Nevis to Loch Ossian Y.H, trouble about camping, sleep in the kitchen.

Sunday 1st July - To Ben Adler cottage, high level ridge walk in mist, legs feel great. Bothy is supposed to be haunted, all sleep in the kitchen, hard floor. Eat porridge for breakfast, cheese biscuits, sultanas for dinner, beanfest, dried curry, for tea.

Monday 2nd - Circular walk up Ben Alder, see Prince Charlie's cave, big herds of deer. A couple of Tornado fly over us very low.

Tuesday 3rd - Walk from Ben Alder cottage to Rannoch, good ridge walk, sun bathe on the top for a couple of hours, down a long ridge to Rannoch. Camp in a sheep pen, we get bitten to pieces so we have to go for a drink.

Wednesday 4th - Terrible midges, the farmer drives round in the morning and says hello. Pack up camp and walk 100 yards then sun bathe for three hours, go to the Rannoch Moor hotel for Ghillies lunch, train to Glasgow, then Edinburgh. Walk to Eglinton Y.H, stay the night. Have a good feast. Full of Germans.

Thursday 5th - Walk round Edinburgh castle, have some nice pastries for dinner. Get train at 3:35, change at York, home for 9:30pm.

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