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Czechoslovakia 1981

Trip to the High Atlas mountains in Czechoslovakia in July 1981 with Ramblers Holidays.
Ruth Lees - Tour Leader (probably)
Jan Strachan - Hitchin Herts
About ten others

We put Hotel California on the Jukebox every night in the Hotel Park in Novy Smokovec.

The official exchange rate is 11 Koruna to the pound. We get the special Tourist rate which is 23 to the pound. A waiter at the hotel gives 50 to the pound.

I have my 19th birthday there, the local tourist agency donated a cake.

Climb Gerlachovsky Stit (2655 m) the highest mountain. Have a couple of days back in Prague. It is 4p to go anywhere in the city on a tram and 4p for a pint of beer. Go for a drink with Jan Strachan in the "Old Square". I think that we are taken to the U Fleku for some very good dark beer.

I think that we take an internal flight to Bratislava and then bus from there.

We have a local guide with us who worked in media. He was taking a risk by talking with us.

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