Rubicon V.S.U.


Scotland 1978


Camp at Callendar near Sterling 22nd July 1978. This was my first venture scout camp. Attended by Sid Vallans, Zola, Nibor, Wedge, Mont, Prof, Clive, Hunk, John Moore, Ian Shaw, Big T, Gareth Blount, Lamb, Dave Harrison, Dolf, Adrian Mitchell, Edna Blount, Lisa Simons, Julie Soar, Jane Curson, Hazel Castledine, Heather Tansley, Sally Sibson, Sally Eade, Marion, Darren Noble, Louise Dawkins, Elaine, Anne Deakin, Ann Weatherall, Jayne Piggott. 31 and maybe a few others.

We climb Ben Ledi on the Wednesday. Swim and go boating on Loch Lubnaig. I stay awake for 60 hours before falling asleep on the coach on the way back

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