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July 29th 1995 Breadsall Scouts and Rubicon when to Peak 95. The scout contingent was Me, William Bugg and Paul Furmston leading, Tim Smith, Andrew Moffat, Tom Davis, Joseph Middleton, James Pook, Nick Hinckley, Simon Short, Chris Beardsley, Philip Drury, and Henry Guyer. In were in the Wingfield sub-camp. The Ventures were Adrian Seale, Sarah Withey, Anna Whitehead, Helen Smith, Kate Moffat, Paul Gamblen, Rich Martin, Ian Allsop, Matt Smith, Ste Hanson and Katharine Hanson.

Friday 28th July - Arrive at 6pm at the scout hut. Nobody there, PK was asleep, start packing at 6.30, away by 7.30pm. Drive in a convoy. Put up the tents by 10pm.

Saturday 29th - Take the scouts to explore, Jubilee rock, Rubicon, go to the river with the ventures, skip lunch. Burghers and beans for tea. Disco later.

Sunday 30th - John and Mary Moffat, Jill Drury bring the cubs to visit scout camp. Mrs Middleton and her parents come up. Go to the guides for lunch, have salad, pie and ice cream. JT, Christine, Dave Lakin + wife, Flod and Ruth come round. Make them a cup of tea at scouts, much appreciated. After the cubs go we go down to the river. Nick kills a duck.

Monday 31st -

Tuesday 1st August

Wednesday 2nd -

Thursday 3rd - Peak 95 Wave. Chilli for tea.

Friday 4th -

Serving cups of tea to our visitors on the Sunday.

Breadsall Cubs also came to visit us that day.

The scouts during a quiet moment.

In one of our few moments of free time the leaders had a go on the climbing wall.

The popular camp activity of relaxing.

Tim and Joseph representing us in a sub-camp competition involving throwing sponges.

At the end of most of the days we went down to bathe in the river.

Joseph needed some persuasion to go for a swim.

The ventures came round for a drink some nights.

Feeding time.

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